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Puthik & Russel :: Huntington Beach Engagement Session

Puthik and RusseL (P&R) – We’d like you to be our wedding photographer. Bruce (B) – It’s an honor, I’m very excited! P&R – Let’s talk about the engagement photo shoot! B – ok, let’s talk.. P&R – We like beaches… B – Oh, me too. P&R – What will we do at the beach? […]

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Tracie & Man

Tracie and Man are such sweet people, I love how they brought along balloons as they playfully attempted to defy gravity. Thank you to both of you, Tracie & Man, for demonstrating that when it comes to the cause of love, the sky is the limit.We float so high that feet aren’t required to touch […]

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Cindy & Bang

One of the most entertained and lots of laugh weddings we have done this summer. While there I saw emotions, tears, happiness and joy… and the open bar was pretty dope! there’s nothing as kool as having a couple of shots after 12 hours of clicking the shutter button. Many thanks to Vu and Phuc […]

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Thao & Josh

Congratulations Thao and Josh. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness.

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