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Andy & Cam Engagement

I like my shoots to remain very laid back, easy going, and breezy, and liken our sessions to us (my clients and I) hanging out together with some shooting in between 🙂 It was one of those days that the weather is challenging. We only had some minutes here and there before it’s starting POURING […]

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Julie & Paul Wedding

Julie and Paul wedding was on a sunny and very windy afternoon in Terranea Resort (which is GORGEOUS by the way). They are simultaneously likeable, warm, and comfortable with each other in a way that is completely effortless and uncomplicated. Perhaps it was Julie’s smile which radiated an abundant aura of sweetness…or maybe it was […]

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Nga & Dong Engagement

All couples I meet are in love! And love is always good! It’s made up with so many ingredients and never just a singular component. Nga and Dong remind me that there is something magical about a first true love. It hits you, stays, and then grows like an indelible force. Thank you guys for […]

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Maggie & Ted Wedding

Meet Maggie and Ted, these two are the real deal. People and families like theirs make me hug my images. They laughed, let the glasses click together, kissed, and let the love they had for each other trickle across the room in that instantly likeable, warm, and comfortable way. Thank you so much Maggie and […]

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